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  • Dotklick ​ was established in 2008 and is a unique diversified consulting firm with focus on Executive Search Placement and Human Resource Management. Dotklick is one of the Leading Software House & Manpower Recruitment Agency in Pakistan, supplying manpower to entire Middle Eastern region especially in UAE.We are providing the best recruitment options and elite employment service in Pakistan since many years.
  • Our services are aimed to add business value and enabling you to overcome your organizational challenges in the most cost effective and quality efficient manner. We help to transform the businesses of clients who want to be leaders in their industry.
  • We are committed to facilitate the recruitment of the best available talent in the industry. Our extensive and updated digital database also facilitates us in the search process.
  • We are a team of multi-talented professionals offering a complete range of Human Resource services to help our customers in attracting, retaining, motivating and developing the best people to increase their Organization’s Human Capital.
  • Our Head Office is based in Karachi supported by an effective infrastructure and we are uniquely positioned to becoming your business partner in all major cities of Pakistan.

Our Vision is to provide  best available Manpower to  helps an organization to focus on its core business objectives while delegating all non-core functions to an external agency specializing in hiring and managing manpower required under various domains like Administrative staff, Sales force, Call centre agents, Collection team, Skilled and Unskilled labor. HRE provides short and long term solutions to organizations engaged in manufacturing, production, distribution etc. from various industry verticals. We are committed to exceed expectations of our clients by actively understanding and conceiving their requirements & culture and through timely delivery of the right resources.

 Why recruitment process to be outsourced?

This entire process of finding and hiring new employees translates into hours of work, which translates into thousands of Rupees. If you’re wondering whether you can afford to spend the time, or if your HR team isn’t large enough to handle such a massive process, you may want to consider recruitment process outsourcing. This option allows an employer to transfer all or part of its recruitment processes to a third-party service provider, We at Dotklick ensure best recruitment services and provide best candidates beneficial for your business ready to explore and Grow.

Executive Search ,Head Hunters

We analyze our client’s requirements and try to source the most appropriate candidate for the job from our own database of experienced professionals. We provide best candidates in 7 working days as per your needs, in  With years of experience we have also developed a great network which makes our job easy to refer candidates of high caliber, We will Interview them on your behalf and shortlist the best available candidate to boost your business

Providing Manpower Services to Pakistan and Middle east

We specialize in offering manpower, outsourcing, staffing solution by providing thousands of skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled labor’s to Saudi Arabian market in particular and in the entire Middle East in general. We have done multiple placements in this category for Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar etc.

Efficient Short listing Services

Efficient Short listing services caters to your needs when you give an Advertisement in the news paper and receive thousands of applications, we will shortlist the best candidates based on your requirement and would save your valuable time. If your Company has unsolicited database of CV’s we can also efficiently rearrange that data also.

Human Resources Projects

We specialise in conducting various HR Projects like Talent Mapping, Talent Management Surveys, High Potential Candidate Identification program, Disabled Candidate Hiring etc. for many Multinational/Large Organizations.

Human Resources Management

Our Human Resources Management includes practices for strategic visioning and organizational restructuring. We analyze your business model and then design or redesign your Organizational Hierarchy. We also provide Job Evaluation, Compensation Management & Retention Management services.

Bulk/Group Recruitment Services

A lot of the times Organizations want to recruit people in bulk or groups like Sales staff or Management Trainees, in that scenario our experienced consultants can help you with initial screening, interviews, tests and providing final list of recommended candidates.

We specialize in various categories of Executive Search & Recruitment:

C-Level Positions

Senior & Mid Level Positions

Bulk Recruitment Drives

University / College Job Drives

Part time / Project based hiring

65% of recruiters claim that the biggest challenge of hiring is a shortage of talent. But before you spend a lot of time and effort tracking down new candidates, consider that the best candidate might already be looking for job but in wrong platform, External  recruitment is much more efficient and cost-effective, This saves time and efforts .

Our Process

  • Make the environment comfortable. A job interview may be a nerve-wracking experience, but you can ease the tension by reserving a quiet room ahead of time (even if it’s a virtual interview) and explaining how the interview will go.
  • Get multiple perspectives. It’s difficult to be entirely objective, so if you’re able, bring more than one person to interview the candidate. They might see qualities or ask questions you didn’t think of.
  • Review the applicant’s materials beforehand. To avoid an interview that’s several hours long, review resumes, cover letters, writing samples, and other materials before the interview so you don’t have to ask about information you should already know.
  • Standardize your questions. You can ask candidates for more information on specific experiences, but if you try to ask similar questions between candidates, you can objectively compare them.


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